◉ Department of Computing and informatics

◉ Department of Business management

◉ Unit of Hotel Management

Department of Computing and informatics

This department contains practical and work-related courses. You learn by completing projects,
assignments, quiz’s, end of Seminar tests, and Final exams which are based on realistic
workplace situations, activities and demands.

The institute owns a state –of-the-art IT lab
with RACKS well equipped with latest Network devices like CISCO Router, Switches, Servers, Patch Panel and Wireless routers. By the time you complete the course, you will be able to design a website, create a database, troubleshoot and rectify computer problems, Configuring CISCO Routers, Switches and Wireless Routers, creating a program and many more.

Courses offered

◉ Basic Technician Certificate in Computing, Information and Communication Technology
◉ Diploma in Information and Communication Technology
◉ Vocational Certificate in Information and Communication Technology – VETA

Department of Business management

A business management qualification can lead to many attractive career opportunities in today’s competitive business world, and hundreds of companies are looking for highlyskilled professionals who can lead and supervise their teams. The business management course is designed to provide a strong foundation of communications, problem solving, and leadership skills for the business setting. Students who chose Business courses can work as bank Tellers, Clerks, Finance Officers, Marketing Managers, Human Resource Managers, Credit Officers, Accountants and Operation Managers just to mention few.

Courses offered

◉ Diploma Business Administration
◉ Diploma in Accountancy
◉ DiplomnProcurement and Supply

◉ Basic Technician Certificate in Business Administration
◉ Basic Technician Certificate in Accountancy

◉ Basic Technician Certificate Procurement and Supply

◉ Vocational Certificate in Business Operations Assistant (BOA)-VETA

Unit of Hotel Management

A hotel course is a valuable opportunity for candidates interested in obtaining top management positions in the hospitality industry. The field is diverse and can encompass a variety of businesses including Motels, Banquette, Resorts, Hotels, Conference hall and Restaurants. As the Hotel industry continues to grow in Tanzania, the Institute is proud to
inform you that, over 80% of students who completed Hotel Management course with us secured their jobs in less than a month.

Courses offered

◉ Vocational Certificate in Hotel Management-VETA
◉ Vocational Certificate in Front Office-VETA

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